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Resale Force

An authentic store for checking the authenticity of An authentic store for checking the authenticity of shoes. Fake athletic gear and footwear have become major issues, and this online platform is here to counter them.

Users can quickly authenticate shoes and determine whether the shoes they purchased are real or fake with expert assistance. Streetwear enthusiasts are finding authentic products with features like selling second-hand products. This platform enables users to maintain product transparency while ensuring safe payments and straightforward processing using easy sign-up and login methods.

The Traxi

The Traxi app is your go-to app for both a Same Day Delivery Service and browsing Ecommerce stores on The Bizi Spot Marketplace.

In the past, postal orders have led to delayed and lost items, but The Traxi service delivers it guaranteed, on the date of your choosing*. Selecting your delivery date has never been easier. During 2020, we revolutionized the way the delivery system worked in Melbourne. During a time where people found themselves unable to travel more than 5kms from their homes, our service was approved to assist families, friends.

Henceforth solutions portfolio Procutta

Procutta let users create and participate in auctions for various sports leagues, including FIFA World Cup, NFL, cricket, volleyball, badminton, and more with easy-to-use functionalities.

The process of managing sports auctions can be complicated and challenging, making it difficult for participants to understand the rules, process, and outcomes. Sports auctions involve bidding for teams or players, with the highest bidder winning the auction. However, there are often complex rules around the bidding process, including bid increments, maximum bid amounts, and co-bidding restrictions. Managing multiple participants, time constraints, and communication challenges is also a tough task and impacts.

Henceforth solutions portfolio Everlens

A platform with simplified NFT trading. Everlens is one of the first NFT marketplaces that enable trading on social media platforms.

Users can create, sell, and buy non-fungible tokens from the platform in an easy and convenient way. Connecting social platforms and minting digital art is possible with this app for easy access to every user. Easy search navigation from thousands of NFTs and secure payment activities on Everlens make it unique.

Henceforth solutions portfolio Everlens
RegalRare Gems

A platform revolutionizing gemstone trading. RegalRare Collections pioneers in unlocking the potential of NFT marketplaces, facilitating the buying, selling and trading of precious gemstones in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Every gemstone transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring full transparency and traceability right back to the source. We provide optimal storage and insurance for your gems, guaranteeing their pristine condition. At any point, you can choose to liquidate your NFT and we will promptly deliver the physical gem to you. The process of selling your rare gems has never been easier. Trade your NFT at your convenience on our marketplace.

Henceforth solutions portfolio Mapped Experiences
Mapped Experiences

Mapped Experiences is a tailor-made, one-stop solution super app, that powers how you navigate dubai - with recommendations that are distinctively curated to your personal taste and hand-picked by experts.

With plenty of options to choose from, there is no one-stop solution for creating the ideal Dubai experience - a solution that is concise and fully customizable to address detailed travel queries from visitors and residents. Mapped Experiences will gather all your personal preferences in one go, filter through hundreds of options, and provide hand-picked recommendations tailored specifically to you!

Henceforth solutions portfolio V3NUS

The fractional NFT will be the greatest turning point in the NFT and crypto market, where the division of NFT into pieces will result in affordability. V3NUS is the world first fractional music.

It is a decentralized and social marketplace where creators and artists will be able to interact with fans and investors in ways that have been impossible to execute in the past.

Pocket Studio

Edit photos like a professional with the Pocket Studio app. A feature-rich editing app lets users edit photos like an expert with advanced filters and editing tools.

With budget-friendly subscription plans, it offers an unmatched editing experience. This professional photo editing app is available on Play Store and iStore. Users can work on this lightweight app without a fixed subscription plan, but it has reduced options and functionality. With simplified navigation on the app, it comes with an intuitive UI.


Get electronics at affordable rates. 7MD Store is an eCommerce platform for electronic goods at competitor prices.

With a strong infrastructure and secure payment processing, it is one of the best marketplaces that comes with multiple filters and added discount options. Quick image loading and responsiveness of the app make it user-friendly. It delivers a streamlined user experience with regular updates and a straightforward checkout process without any hassle.


An app for a simplified nanny hiring process. GoNanny is a user-friendly platform with a high-quality interface that is designed to hire experienced nannies online.

With a motive to provide best marketplaces that comes with multiple filters and added discount options. Quick image loading and responsiveness of the app make it user-friendly. It delivers a streamlined user experience with regular updates and a straightforward checkout process without any hassle.


An app for comprehensive car maintenance. Keeping your car in good condition and getting it serviced is no longer a problem.

This Company is established by ambitious and innovative young Emiratis who like facing new challenges in the area of supply chain management. The Company provides a wide range of services through smart and online applications to cater to the need for high-quality services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for car owners.


Making vintage college goods easy for students. Through Unithrifts, college alumni can sell their used gear to new students. Attending important college events has become more fashionable.

This marketplace for collegiates is the first of its kind with secure payment processing. Every institution has a strong community on this platform that allows users flexibility in joining and selling used items to current students. The swipe by school or institution option makes it easier for users to complete their purchases of any vintage item.

Henceforth solutions portfolio sheikh sultan award
Sheikh Sultan Award

The Sheikh Sultan Award is aimed at young people aged 13 - 18 years of age. Absolute Adventure is able to deliver the Adventure section of this award at all levels.

Participants should bring their own sleeping bags, tents and mattresses, though tents and mattresses can be hired from us. Participants should bring their own crockery, cutlery and food to cook themselves once at camp under the supervision of our staff.We will provide examples of the food to bring once you have signed up with us. We will provide communal washing and cooking facilities such as; Barbeques, gas stoves and grills, however the participants may bring their own cooking equipment with them if they desire.


Shadowz allows you to create and share your photos, stories, reels and videos with the friends and followers you care about.

Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. shadowz reels bring you a new way to create and discover entertaining short videos. You can watch, like, comment, and share reels videos in a dedicated space in the Reels tab.

IM Safe

IM safe is an app aimed at universal access to medicine awareness and knowledge.

This Mobile App was developed to give some tips & guidance for the user on the best approach on the use of a medicine whether for occasional or regular use advised by a doctor. It should be used along with a doctor or pharmacist consultation.


Potswork is a one-stop solution for finding professionals for all your domestic needs such as moving, plumbing, carpenters, electricians, etc, and also enables users to hail a ride or share a ride with other passengers.

Add your service, set your prices, and find new customers, keep 100% of your pay. Become a truly independent pro, control the app don't let the app control you. We are building a marketplace where you are in control. If you wish for a truly decentralized marketplace, where you are the boss of your own destiny, we encourage you to join us, list your service, and grow the marketplace.

Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

Henceforth solutions has developed a very awesome app for me, both iOS and Android versions. The entire Henceforth Solutions team was excellent. They are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. The team has created a project management system that allows them to easily communicate with and collaborate with all members of the project team.

Seven Ezumba

Founder of Potswork

Seven Ezumba Founder of Potswork

They are the most professional people I've ever worked with. I was able to streamline my business with the best web solutions. Now I can manage my entire business workflow from the back-end. The developer created customized solutions for me. Highly recommended.

Rhea Gotsis

Founder of The Traxi

Rhea Gotsis Founder of The Traxi

I am very grateful to the team at henceforth solutions and their expertise in assisting us with our project. They have provided exceptional and extraordinary services. They have impressed us with their professionalism and precision. They are highly recommended for developing digital solutions for other businesses.

Fadi Abbas

Founder of mobsting and

Fadi Abbas Founder of mobsting and

Henceforth solutions has been responsive to our needs in developing the application. They also communicated with us regarding the numerous bugs that were discovered during testing. Their contact person was friendly and helpful. We have achieved a polished product through a lot of work. I highly recommend Henceforth Solutions.

Everlens Client

Founder of Lyber and Everlens

Victor Ravier Founder of Lyber and Everlens

Henceforth is the best app and web development company! Excellent communication throughout the entire process. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and do an excellent job. Their professionalism, technical expertise, and timely delivery impressed me.

Lance troh

Founder of resale force

Lance troh Founder of resale force

Henceforth solution hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. Henceforth solution was a major contributor to getting everything done on time. They were able to understand my project and work according to it. I would highly recommend Henceforth solution for website and app development.

Andrea Toppan

Chief Executive Officer at Wi4B

Andrea Toppan Chief Executive Officer at Wi4B

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